For many years, I have documented my life and the lives of others behind the lens of the camera.  The camera is an extension of my mind and my body; it goes where I go and I consistently shoot thousands of photos per month for personal and professional use.   I enjoy capturing something special about each person, couple, family, or moment, finding that special something and translating it into an expression.   Behind the camera or not, I am seeing things through my viewfinder.   Photography truly is my passion.

I have always been a visual and creative person and I find that I really connect with photography as an art form—being able to express ideas, convey concepts, and capture and preserve life's many moments.  Born and raised in Southern California, I currently reside in Orange County with my beautiful wife Farah and wonderfully-disobedient dog Coco.  We enjoy travel, music, art, furniture building, design, and being with our friends and family.   Our journeys in life have so far taken us to Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, Europe and Japan, in which Farah and I were fortunate to live and work for four years.  I speak Japanese and Farah speaks Chinese.

Getting to know you and gaining your trust is very important to me.  I am committed to providing the utmost pleasant and professional experience for my clients.  My goal is to exceed all your expectations.  My perspective and wide variety of experience with photography and design allows me to approach each project uniquely and creatively.

I look forward to working with you.   Please contact me and we will discuss projects and pricing options.   Thank you very much!

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